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The type of engagement model you need depends upon what you are looking for from your outsourcing partner and your budget for the project. You might need an engagement model when:

  • You are in the beginning phase of a project and only want consultancy based engagement where the outsourcing partner does an analysis and feasibility study, a proof of concept, developing design requirements, or architecture review or maybe you just need someone experienced to help you mature your idea
  • Budget constraints or distribution of budgets can be one big reason to choose an engagement model that suits your objective.
  • Long term engagement model like product development model where you have a long term relationship including risk management, and collaborative planning.

In all the above cases we provide you the following engagement models:


Dedicated Team

Book an experienced dedicated team for long term projects


Time and material

The pay as you go method allowing you to get deliverables fast.


Fixed Price

The fixed price method works well if you are on a set budget and have precise specifications of the project to complete.

Dedicated Teams

This Engagement model is similar to the Time and Materials model, but differs with the presence of dedicated resources. In this model the customer pre books or purchases the resources and hours for a half yearly or yearly contract. We then reserve the teams including management, laboratory and equipment resources for the customer till the duration of the project. This model gives our customers a long term outsourcing strategy, an effective and established partner team who works as an extension of your business, and a team of full time resources working for you 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

Time and Materials

In this Engagement model the scope, specification, and implementation plans of a project are not set or are not precise enough nor to define and require flexibility. These types of projects are complex and are prone to specification and design changes. In this model we assign a team with a wide range of skill sets to work on the project. As the project evolves the team composition may change to incorporate different skill sets. The team starts working on the project with preliminary specifications and takes in new specifications as they come in from you as a result of deliverables.

Fixed Price Model

More commonly used to fix or freeze the price to a set amount. For this model once the specifications for the project have been created, and a fixed price agreed upon, the specifications are contracted for a specific amount of time and funds. For this model to work the scope, specifications, and implementation plans of a project need to be well defined. The client monitors the progress and cost of the project in near real time due to a milestones based payment option and schedules. With a fixed price you rely upon our expertise and the quality of our processes.

At Golden Graphes we have the experience to move your project from the idea phase into the reality phase with a dedicated project manager and an expert team of developers.


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