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What is life like working for Golden Graphes?

At Golden Graphes we believe that if we can help our clients outperform in their own marketplace, achieve their goals, and excel at providing great customer service and experience, then we too will succeed. We can and will do this by providing them:

  • Expert and experienced teams with the focus to build great products and services.
  • Quality unsurpassed by any other provider on the market.
  • Employees encouraged to take initiative, empowered to make decisions, and ambitious enough to face new challenges.
  • Transparent and clear processes that involve the client 100% of the way through the project lifecycle.

Our clients require quality work that will increase their profitability and return on their investment in the projects they hire us to complete. We have benefits that rival other outsourcing partners and offer our employees training making them more valuable to our clients and us.

Employee Speak

It’s my pleasure to be part of Golden Graphes. I feel that Golden Graphes is a platform where you can grow and utilize your skills in healthy environment. My team here has supported me lot and as a result I always fulfill the client expectations and much more

Kaushal Rajput / Mobile Developer

Clarity of goals with freedom to drive results using innovative ways & ideas makes Golden Graphes a challenging & fun place to work with. Each day at Golden Graphes is a day of learning which keeps me involved in learning & overcoming new challenges.

K Pal / Developer

Golden Graphes is an organization for its employees and by its employees. The best part of being part of this company is that it not only offers opportunities for those who have talent and wish to grow professionally, but also facilitates such efforts. I have been with the company since 2011 and the journey so far has given me exposure to all facets of my area of expertise, confidence to explore higher levels of achievement and the ability to accomplish professional excellence

A Maheshwari

I have been working in Golden Graphes for the last 2 years as software developer and it has proved to be an amazing experience for me. Golden Graphes is a nice place to work as I have always been given the opportunity to learn and work on challenging projects; supervisors are always ready to provide their support.

Anjum / Developer

It has been a great experience with the required freedom to reach at the highest level of productivity. Every employee is managed by experienced and specialized Team Leads and Project Managers. The work environment keeps me happy. Every day is a new experience, new learning and growth.

M. Gotam / Testing Analyst

I have been working with Golden Graphes for over 3 years now and it has been a much rewarding and an exciting experience. Its open & friendly environment has helped me grow as a professional. It feels terrific to be a part of Golden Graphes.

A Mallick / Front End Developer


  • Mentor/Buddy System: We team you up with your buddy who helps you get to know Golden Graphes more closely while your mentor plans for your successful future.
  • Employee Assistance: We make your life easier by assisting you with legal, taxes, banking and other activities, so that you stay focused on client commitments.
  • Work Environment/Culture Groups: We have special interest groups in the company to encourage improved work environment and culture. We also provide you with the opportunity to lead group meetings.
  • PARWAH group: We have an in house counseling group “Parwah” which works towards lending an ear to life issues of employees & provides solutions to them.
  • New Employee Referral Bonus: To hire the best talent in the industry we offer generous referral bonus to our employees to grow & strengthen our team.
  • Paternity leave: To enjoy the new happiness of their life we offer paternity leaves to the new dad’s.
  • Appreciation day off: We offer a day off for employees putting in extra efforts & pain in completing the tasks assigned to them.
  • Birthday leave: To enjoy their special day with family & friends we offer a half day leave to all employees on their birthdays.
  • Marriage leaves & gift: Golden Graphes sponsors a marriage gift for you & your spouse, and also to enjoy your special occasion Golden Graphes gives you marriage leaves.
  • Marriage anniversary leave: To enjoy their special day with their spouse we give half day leave to all employees on their marriage anniversaries.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Golden Graphes provides option to employees to opt for flextime based on the demand of the work.
  • Certificate reimbursement policy: If you are working towards professional certifications, Golden Graphes encourages you to complete them by reimbursing your fees.

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