Our Process

The great experience of your project development starts when you have a team following processes. With 6 years of experience, 1000+ clients and a 100 people team of in house web experts, we take pride in developing solutions by following these processes.

Requirements Gathering

This is the point of understanding, gathering specifications, and documenting requirements. Understanding your business idea, your industry and subject matter then brain storming ideas and consulting you to build a proof of concept, solution, detailed proposal, and setting the right expectations with you.


Once all requirements are approved, the project development begins. We initiate the project internally by first setting up a dedicated team to work on your project, managed by our project manager and the account manager, then have a team kick off video call with the client to introduce the team. Project manager will then submit a detailed Project plan with set delivery timelines.


Communication Channels: We use the best and most effective communication tools in the industry to help build a culture of open forum for discussions between the client and the team such that the team works with you rather than for you. We use Basecamp as our project collaboration tool where we set project plan on a calendar, team members, tasks and messages. All other communications are handled by Skype and VOIP for voice, video calls and demonstrations.


Our creative designer will share a creative brief questionnaire (CBQ) which will be a series of questions he need answered in order to collect all your design requirements from fonts to colors to layouts. Once he is fully clear on your vision, he will work on a theme for your project by first submitting a homepage and then the internal pages to you for your feedbacks. Designs will be submitted in the form of a link on Invision App where you can pin your feedbacks or comments directly on the page. This ensures faster and easier communication between client and the designer for quick and effective results.


Our development head will draft a technical document called the Functional Specifications Document (FSD) which encapsulates detailed project development modules, features and functional flows with minutest of the details. Once the FSD is frozen the development team starts to work on the programming and the HTML team works on the prototype. The administration panel is created by the development team and the first draft of the beta is delivered.


The testing team will simultaneously test each module developed and map it with the approved FSD. As testing is completed the debugging reports are shared with development for updates.

Go Live

After all Client feedback is finalized and incorporated and testing is complete the website is ready to go live. The Content Management System user manual is delivered to the Client and training on the system commences. A 30 day ongoing support period is provided after the project is completed.


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