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Are your employees finding it difficult to look up relevant information while in the field to gain new clients? Provide them with applications they can use on mobile devices with our enterprise Solutions services.

What is enterprise Solutions?

It is the ability to use any mobile device wherever and whenever you and your employees need to use them in order to make a sale, provide information to your customers, supplying services and file sharing capabilities, to make your business grow. The issues most businesses face today is determining the right enterprise Solutions strategy and how it relates to the overall purpose of work conducted. To determine how closely your business process aligns to mobile IT, and how you can support your mobile workers while they are using these devices is part of the assessment we do for you at Golden Graphes.


We start by asking the hard questions and end with a finished product that your mobile employees are able to use in the field or office. Our process is:



Defining the mobile strategy by asking you the hard questions in order for us to see your ideas as they relate to your business strategy.


Wire framing

Design a wireframe and theme of the application as it would look on your devices.


Design Theme

Apply the theme to the application with input from you along the way as our design team works on the project.



We develop cross platform compatibility with cross-device application testing.



Maintenance and support of mobile apps is provided along with upgrades, it is ensured that the mobile your applications receives regular functional updates.


Upgradable product

The end project is never the end of your ideas so we are always here to modify or create new apps for you.


People just love using our app, hear them out:

When we were looking for a software development company to work on the creation of our corporate, Windows-based application, we were mired by many hurdles along the way… However, as the selection process narrowed down, we were finally lucky enough as to secure…

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  • Working with your website’s or your application’s backend architecture is just as important…

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  • Mobile devices are by far the most dynamic of all enterprise platforms in IT…