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  • Custom iOS App

    IOS Apps that are unique to your business requirements

  • iOS App Designing

    Creating UI’s that make your app work seamlessly with your user needs

  • Maintenance And Support

    Upgrade or evolve your IOS app based on your user feedback

  • iOS App Deployment
    to Apple Store

    UAT testing and IOS app deployment to Apple store

iOS Development Process

  • 01Conceptualization & Wireframes

    We start by defining a clear goal for the app development and then convert the idea and features into wireframe structures for clearer picture.

  • 02UI Design & Development

    Our creative head designs the UI based on the wireframes, then translated into functioning User Interface that is ready to be implanted on app

  • 03Development & Integration

    A server side logic is developed that is used to create the backend of the app. At this stage the app is integrated with third party sites for payments handling.

  • 04Services

    Creation of web services for caching of data locally to improve speed of the app, data synchronization so app can be accessed offline and push notification services to engage users

  • 05UAT Testing

    We test the final app to make sure it can handle required tasks in real-world scenarios, free from any bugs, deliver high performance and provide seamless user

  • 06Deployment

    Our apps are built in compliance with Apple guidelines making it easy for you to enroll in Apple Developer Program and easily submit your app

iOS apps for wearables

Make your mobile apps accessible on the go with Apple’s Watch. We built iOS app for all interfaces and devices to create wearable iOS apps catering to verticals such as health & fitness, chat applications, security and many more. Our experts develop cutting-edge wearable interfaces for next-gen users who are passionate about technology. Golden Graphes is constantly evolving technological expertise for various smart watches, glasses or fit-bands and upcoming devices.

iOS App development solutions for your business

  • Media & Content Delivery

    IOS Media streaming applications for both audio and video

  • Location Based Services

    IOS apps that track users locations for booking and connecting

  • Enterprise Mobility

    IOS app solutions that work on all devices for enterprise businesses

  • Social Networking

    Social Networking IOS apps with simple UI’s for your users

  • eCommerce

    Seamless shopping experience that help you generate more revenue

Mobile Monetization Models that works

  • In-App Purchases

    Advertisements placed inside the Application. Revenue is generated through In-App Ad Impressions

  • Freemium

    App download is free but premium item and services costs extra such as incentive offers, time trials

  • Notifications

    Advertisements placed in the notification tray or push notifications of offers. Often offers high Cost per impressions.

  • Paid Ads

    Apps that costs money to download. You can set any price starting from $.99 onwards. An average app price for year 2016 is $1.13

Golden Graphes Advantage

  • Conceptualization

    Whether you have an idea, or a running business or you are an enterprise, we build IOS applications that solve a real world problem

  • Product

    Golden Graphes helps create your strategy and business concepts to deliver high-end solutions that lead your business towards success.

  • Result Driven iOS  App development

    Our iOS Apps are built to increase user base and revenues, maximize brand reach, enhance employee productivity, or just make the world a better place to live in.

  • Support till
    the end

    We are customer-focused organization that takes pride in assisting clients through the complete journey.


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