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Mobile App Development Process

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Product Strategy

Develop Your Application

Submission on app store

Marketing & Promotion

Upgrade App

Enterprise Mobility

GOLDEN GRAPHES provides you with the best-in-class strategy, design, and implementation of Enterprise Mobility solutions that streamline your customer process of easily using service applications from their smartphones, or for your sales employees/executive to access or fill in significant customer information while on the move.

  • Develop & organize high-quality mobile apps

  • Integrate mobile apps with various enterprise systems

  • Formulate the best mobile app strategy for your organization

  • Efficiently define a mobile architecture as per your requirement

  • Maintain transaction and data reliability in a dispersed environment

  • Optimize information exchange based on reliability and bandwidth of the connection

  • Enable data synchronization from various databases across mobile, desktop and web

  • Perform migration from older legacy systems & proprietary solutions to modern mobile versions

Framing successful mobile app designs THAT SOLVE PROBLEMS

GOLDEN GRAPHES creates a visual, motion and interactive design experience across platforms and devices. We design result driven mobile app interfaces that portray a visual language for users, synthesizing the classic principles of good design with technology. Our designs are optimized for cross-device use and offer an experience that is immediately accessible. We create design interfaces with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML constructing mobile apps that are attractive, consistent, and functional.

Mobile Applications for Everything

Choose any platform to launch your Mobile Application.
GOLDEN GRAPHES provides services in iOS and Android Application development.

  • Streaming

  • Augmented

  • Geo

  • Internet
    of Things

  • Machine
    to Machine

  • Cloud

  • Apps
    for Wearables

  • Interaction

  • Mobile


Mobile Apps for any user, any platform, any industry

Adding Value to
your Idea
We work closely with you to define a product strategy that aligns perfectly with your business goals

Development Model
Our Agile Development model suits all Startups and Growing Businesses

Apps Made
for you
We design Apps for your Customers – so they’ll come back for more

We provide after launch support to provide you insights on your app for future product development


People just love using our app, hear them out:

When we were looking for a software development company to work on the creation of our corporate, Windows-based application, we were mired by many hurdles along the way… However, as the selection process narrowed down, we were finally lucky enough as to secure…

Vanessa Hayes

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Database Management

$ 1000 starting at
  • Working with your website’s or your application’s backend architecture is just as important…

Android Applications

$ 1000 starting at
  • Mobile devices are by far the most dynamic of all enterprise platforms in IT…